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Kindness a major part of person centred care

Kindness, what is it and how do you demonstrate it in the Workplace?The new Aged Care Quality Standards  are up and running, and it is interesting to note that standard 7 – Human Resources, includes in 3 (b) ‘workforce interactions with consumers are kind, caring  and respectful of each consumer’s identity, culture and diversity’. This begs […]

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How do you change to a person centred approach in your workplace?

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Need to address the Person Centred Approach in Your Aged Care Facility?Implementing the new aged care quality standards means that we are moving away from a culture of ‘doing for’ our care recipients to a culture of ‘doing with’ our care recipients and their families or chosen representatives.This seems to sound like a very simple […]

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Unpacking Aged Care Implementing the New Standards

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Implementing the New Standards5 Commonly Asked QuestionsAs many people and organisations start working through their first self- assessment for the new Aged Care Quality Standards the following 5 questions seem to stand out.What do the new Aged Care Quality standards in Australia mean?How do we change to a person-centred approach in my aged care facility?What […]

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